Windgat Stencils was established in Oct 2015.  

 The thickness of our plastic makes the stencil much more durable and long lasting.

This stencils are suitable for walls, floors, tiles, wood, fabric, scrap booking, crafts, etc. And it works perfect with embossing paste.

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Dip the brush into the paint. A common mistake made is to load too much paint on the brush. Dab it on a piece of
paper towel to remove excess paint.
The brush should appear to be almost dry. Build up the paint slowly by using a stippling technique (by dabbing
the brush up and down). The paint should never be brushed on, as it will collect on the edges of the holes and
seep under the stencil, creating a mess.

PRE STENCILING: Use scrap paper to practice your stenciling techniques. It is best to test your work first,
before starting on the final surface.

START: Use masking tape to secure the stencil firmly to your surface as you do not want it to move once you
have started painting. Ensure that the tape is not too sticky, as it may damage a painted surface. Start painting
with the lighter colors first. Build up the paint from the edges of the stencil holes, inwards.

After using your stencil, place it in lukewarm water and clean it with the same brush that you just used for


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